It’s a September to Remember

Earth, Wind and Fire had a song for it. Mexico and Brazil celebrate their independence days in it. And it includes the Harvest Moon Festival and Talk Like a Pirate Day (yes, really). Welcome to September, and a whole new adventure in Orlando vacations.

Because the start of this month marks a strange period in our annual tourism calendar, the hint of a lull in the ongoing busyness of our remarkable destination, which just seems to get more and more popular by the month.

While the final numbers aren’t yet in, the anecdotal evidence suggests we have enjoyed our busiest summer, June to August, in quite some time, even allowing for the adverse effect of the pandemic. Hotel demand has increased by roughly 360 percent in 2020 and tourist tax collections went up by a staggering 1,090 percent. Yes, last year was a hugely damaging one for our region in tourism terms, but the bounce-back effect has been startling.

And now into a time of year that usually allows us to catch our breath from the hectic vacationing frenzy of the previous three months. Only, it doesn’t quite look that way at the moment. Those disco-loving folks of the 1970s may still be singing about dancing in September, but Central Florida is still busy doing the tourist tango thanks to an unusual confluence of events.

Firstly, Labor Day – the official end of summer in social and business terms – is rather late this year, occurring on September 6, effectively giving us a whole extra week of the season. It is a welcome bonus from the business perspective, and it allows us to “dance” that bit longer. But the other factor at work here is Florida’s non-stop popularity as THE great American vacation hot-spot and a place that genuinely has something for everyone. Go back maybe just 10 years, and our destination genuinely had ‘quiet’ periods in September and early October; in January and February; and, to a lesser extent, in late April and early May. Not anymore.

Thanks to the pent-up effect of millions of Americans desperately needing a break and some respite from recent events, there is just no end to the ‘summer season’ here in Central Florida, and it’s as busy now as in early June. It is also a function of the state’s growing profile nationally as a result of the increasingly robust work of Visit Florida. The principal state-wide marketing organization has been laser-focused on making sure the message about attractions being open, safe, and ready to provide memorable vacation experiences once again has been widely broadcast.

With that kind of messaging, it is no wonder the likes of Tampa and Miami, as well as Orlando and even up in the Panhandle, have all reported some of the busiest summer seasons they have ever experienced.

And that is great news in several respects, especially for YOU. First and foremost, Real Florida Adventures can be confident in continuing to provide world-class opportunities for guests to enjoy, safe in the knowledge that the demand is still there. And they can continue to invest in new products and new experiences for people to sample when they’re here. As you may have already noticed, Orlando is not a destination to rest on its laurels when it comes to its attractions, and especially the breadth of what is on offer. There is always something new to try, and there is always a drive to expand the attractions beyond the obvious.

Talking of something new to sample, one of Orlando’s annual specialties, Visit Orlando’s Magical Dining season. It runs through October 3 and features 90 – count them, NINETY! – restaurants with a prix fixe menu at a bargain $37/person. Be sure to check it out at

It is also why RFA has recently invested in a YouTube channel to be able to showcase in full technicolor what makes an excursion with Real Florida Adventures special.  And, from the glittering sands of gorgeous Clearwater Beach and the wildlife fest of Crystal River, all the way to the modern, high-tech masterpiece of the Kennedy Space Center, as well as Orlando Magic basketball games and trips to see the Jacksonville Jaguars, the portfolio of genuine adventures has never been better illustrated. Feel free to give it a watch here:

RFA will be happy to take your bookings by phone (407-573-2535), online, or even by that most old-fashioned process of all, a letter (addressed to 4403 Vineland Rd, Suite B6-A, Orlando, FL 32811). Don’t hold back; the vehicles take only so many on each tour, and they are starting to sell out of some tours, so try to book as early as possible.

Finally, here’s a quick note for UK clients and visitors from Real Florida Adventures, “We miss you. We know that you are frustrated that your regular visit to the Sunshine State and your Disney “fix” remains out of reach due to the ongoing ban on non-essential travel from Europe, but we are equally sad that we are not hearing all those lovely British accents up and down International Drive this year.”

But fear not. Hopefully, 2022 will be the ideal year to return to your favorite Central Florida holiday playground!

Don’t forget the Price Match Guarantee. RFA does their best to always offer the lowest price, but, if you find a lower qualified price on another site, they will be more than happy to match it. And remember, Real Florida Adventures is here for YOU and is always ready to go that extra mile to ensure the personal, professional service that is the bedrock of every great vacation. Just give them a call (407-573-2535) and find out how RFA can tailor-make that perfect trip for YOUR family or group.