Gatorland Welcomes New Florida Panther Cubs Yuma and Sakari

Gatorland is excited to welcome five-month-old Florida Panther siblings Yuma and Sakari as the newest additions to its wildlife family. Adopted from a sanctuary in the northeastern U.S., the 20 lb., 1.5 ft. tall brother and sister now reside at Gatorland’s Panther Springs, a sprawling, all-natural habitat complete with waterfall, stream and majestic tree structure featuring platforms and posts for playing and sunbathing.

Panther Kittens_3

Playful, curious, and loving, Yuma and Sakari enjoy chasing each other, splashing in the water, wrestling, and rolling around their boomer ball toys at Panther Springs. When fully grown, they will weigh up to 150 lbs.

“We are thrilled to have these beautiful Florida Panther cubs with us for our guests to enjoy and learn about,” says Mark McHugh, President, and CEO of Gatorland. “Florida Panthers are endangered, with a small population of only about 200 in our state, and that number dwindles each year due to habitat loss and car collisions. It is important for us to give our guests a chance to observe them up close as they would never be able to do otherwise.”

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