Fintastic SeaWorld Shark Tours

Here’s something to get your teeth into!

The Sharks Up-Close Tour at SeaWorld Orlando is a great addition to your day at the park – not to mention great preparation for your local pub quiz!

  • There are about 15 sharks in the tank at the end of the Shark Encounter attraction.
  • The shark exhibit is filled with over 700,000 gallons of 50-degree salt water – brrrrrrrrrr!
  • SeaWorld Orlando’s sharks have a tattoo on their fin that identifies each one. Females are tattooed on the left side and males on the right – who knew!
  • Some sharks only eat 8-12 pounds of food a week – not as much as we thought!
  • The tapetum lucidum is a mirror lens in shark’s eye that helps it gather light so it can see more clearly – we’ll take their word for it.
  • The biggest shark is the whale shark, which is a filter feedr – enormous but thankfully no teeth to speak of!
  • Sharks have a sixth sense called electroreception, thanks to pores around their faces that detect the electrical currents.
  • The Mako Mural was painted by world renowned artist Guy Harvey.