Experience Florida Airboat Rides at Wild Florida

Sure, most people know Orlando is home to some awesome theme parks and attractions, but on airboat rides, you can see the wild side of Florida. Orlando airboat rides give you the chance to see more than 350 species of wildlife native to Florida. If you’re thinking of doing something different this summer vacation, here are four reasons why you should experience Florida airboat rides at Wild Florida!

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Fun for All Ages

One of the best things about Florida airboat tours is that anyone can enjoy them, no matter what age. Fun and easily accessible, airboat rides provide excitement to keep your tiny tots and older kids entertained. During your airboat ride, Wild Florida’s airboat captains will tell you all about the wildlife, providing some little-known facts you’ll be able to share with your friends and family the next time you see them.

Experience a New Adventure, in a Safe Way

While we love having fun, safety should always be your number one priority when it comes to venturing out onto open water. Before each airboat ride, Wild Florida provides ear protection for each guest and requires children five and under to wear life jackets. Approved by the U.S. Coast Guard, their airboats and captains will safely guide you and your family around Lake Cypress.

Get More Than Just an Airboat Ride

An airboat ride with Wild Florida will be an incredible experience, but your adventure doesn’t have to stop there! Admission to their Gator Park is included with all of their airboat ride options. Inside their Gator Park, you can see over 200 animals and some wild shows when you visit. If your children love animals just as much as we do, make sure to take them to Wild Florida’s Petting Zoo or Bird Aviary where they pet and interact with a variety of animals. Or, let them run around and have some fun on our covered playground. They also offer a unique opportunity to interact with one of eight different animal encounters. And, if you have access to a car during your trip to Florida, check out their Drive-thru Safari where you can hit the road and see more than 150 native and exotic animals.

Skip Long Lines

It can be really frustrating waiting in long lines at a theme park. It takes up so much time during your day, and most people wonder why they even decided to get in line in the first place. Sometimes, you can’t even ride everything in one day! At Wild Florida, there is only a short wait right before you get on your airboat. And, with no predetermined tracks, their airboat captains will be sure to make it an unforgettable experience and answer all of your questions.
If you’ve never been on an airboat before, now is the perfect time to give it a try at Wild Florida this summer! Book your adventure now online or over the phone with their reservation team!