Embark on Family Adventures with Gray Line Orlando

Are you craving a family-filled day of excitement and discovery? Look no further than Gray Line Orlando for the ultimate solution. Gray Line Orlando’s array of day trips promises unforgettable experiences, blending education with entertainment for all ages.

One of Gray Line Orlando’s flagship offerings is the journey to Kennedy Space Center. With Gray Line Orlando, you have the flexibility to choose from various options tailored to your preferences. Whether you opt for transportation only, admission with transportation, explore bus tour, small group VIP experience, KSC with airboat safari, admission ticket only, or even chats with astronauts, Gray Line Orlando has your covered. At Kennedy Space Center, delve into the rich history and groundbreaking science of space exploration. Marvel at the towering Saturn V rocket, feel the rush of liftoff in the Shuttle Launch Experience and explore the Space Shuttle Atlantis, among many other captivating attractions.


But the adventure doesn’t end there. Gray Line Orlando presents Swimming with the Manatees! Picture yourself gliding through clear waters alongside these gentle giants, an experience that promises thrills and memories to last a lifetime. Our tours to Crystal River offer not only the chance to encounter manatees up close but also include admission to Homosassa State Park, where you can immerse yourself in the beauty of Florida’s wildlife.

For added excitement, our Tuesday and Thursday tours include an exhilarating airboat ride, adding another layer of adventure to your day. By joining Gray Line Orlando’s tour, not only do you get to swim with these magnificent creatures, but also contribute to their conservation efforts, ensuring their habitat remains protected for future generations to enjoy.

gray line manatee tours

Booking a tour with Gray Line Orlando gives a seamless and informative journey. The knowledgeable guides accompany you en route to each destination, providing insights into the history, missions, and future endeavors of Kennedy Space Center and the ecological importance of manatees. Ready to embark on your family adventure?

Visit graylineorlando.com to book your family adventure today or call (407) 522-5911. Join and rediscover the thrill of being a kid again as you explore the greatness of Kennedy Space Center and swim with manatees!

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