Disney Announces Price Rise For Genie & Lighting Lane

Brit Guide to Orlando authors Simon & Susan Veness are not thrilled with Disney’s price rise for Genie and Lighting lane just announced and neither are we! Here’s what our good  friends had to say on the matter……
“Just announced (probably because they knew we had JUST sent the final text for the 2023 Brit Guide to Orlando to the editor!!), Disney has revealed price rises for the Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lane selections going forward from today. No more fixed price, now we get a sliding scale based on demand (so, high season = higher prices). Boooooooooooooo!!
The starting price for Genie+ will still be $15/person (and ONLY available on the day – no pre-booking any more: double Booooooooooooo!), but peak season will cost people at least another $7. The same with LL attractions. And Disney says the upper end MAY even go higher (triple Booooooooooooooooooooo!!).
“Genie+ pricing ranges from $15 to $22 a day through October, but could change beyond that,” Disney spokesman Eric Scott explained to the Orlando Sentinel. “Visitors should check the My Disney Experience app for specific pricing on the date they want to purchase the service.”
Be interesting to see if people will still buy Genie+ at $22 (or more) per person (that’s $88 for a family of 4) and pay an extra $22 for one ride on the Lightning Lane attractions like Guardians of the Galaxy and Rise of the Resistance.”