Dedicated Cruisers at Old Town

Old Town celebrates 30 years of the Saturday Nite Classic Car Show and Cruise on Saturday, March 21. Nothing has stopped dedicated car owners from showing off their classic cars for the past 1,560 consecutive Saturdays. Those are some dedicated cruisers at Old Town.


Old Town has always been known for its classic car show but not many know the dedication of the car owners week after week. Showing up through all types of Florida weather including excessive heat, humidity, thunderstorms with heavy rain, and nothing could show more dedication than our loyal and brave car owners driving through Hurricane Charley and Irma to keep the title of “America’s Longest Running Weekly Car Show.”

Join us Saturday, March 21 as Old Town recognizes our loyal car owners and celebrates 30 years of tradition. Show-quality 1983 and older hot rods, street rods, and antiques begin lining-up at 10:00 am with a car parade, known as the “cruise,” at 8:30 pm. The day-long celebration also includes live entertainment, giveaways, and live music on Old Town’s Main Stage beginning at 1:00 pm with “The Greg Warren Band” and the evening headliner “Classic Airwaves” at 7:00 pm.

Old Town hosts the Classic Car Show and Cruise every Saturday rain or shine. It’s a free event for car owners to participate and spectators to enjoy. For more information, visit the Saturday Classic Car Show Event Page and join the dedicated cruisers at Old Town.