Cool Off This Summer At Capones Dinner And Show

When you’ve had a long hot day at the Orlando theme parks here’s something to consider – cooling off over at Capones Dinner & Show might be just the ticket! No long lines here – the secret password is all you need to gain entry to this fun 1930’s ‘Speakeasy’ where you’re guaranteed a fun time for the whole family. For over 30 years Capones has been a staple of the Orlando night-time entertainment scene – a great show, lots of shenanigans and a memorable cast of characters are guaranteed – not to mention some great family fare for your hungry crew and unlimited beer and wine. It may be hot outside but these cool dudes and dudettes will have you laughing, clapping and singing along as they push the boundaries on what’s legal in prohibition-era Chicagoland and sail very close to the wind with the local police force!


When it’s your turn to enter step inside a turn-of-the-century ice cream parlor and let the adventure begin. Someone in your party will get to knock three times, say a secret password, and before you know it you’re in Gangland Chicago 1931. According to what we’ve been told  “The joint’s crawling with coppers on account we’re serving illegal bootleg alcohol – you see prohibition hasn’t quite been repealed yet. But don’t yous fear – the family is keeping an eye out for the coppers.”

Amazingly Capones has been around since 1992  – for over 30 years now Al’s guests have been entertained by a cast of goofy gangsters. Miss Jewel is your lovely and talented hostess for the festivities, while the very lovely Bunny-June and her sisters, Honey and Sunny perform some terrific musical numbers. You’ll meet Fingers Salvatorio who’s a lot of fun and one of the goofiest mobsters you’ll ever meet. Beware though, as the story unfolds you’ll discover that the notorious Bugs Moran is trying to take over the speakeasy and fireworks of course are sure to follow.

Plan on spending 2-3 hours of your evening as there’s plenty to enjoy. It’s great value at around $40 per person for a meal, unlimited drinks, and a family friendly show that all ages will enjoy. Capone’s menu is filled with American/Italian favorites and the four-course meal consists of a shared appetizer, salad, entrée of your choice, and dessert. The menu includes kid friendly items that children love, and they can accommodate most dietary restrictions (please specify when making your reservation). Did we mention unlimited drinks? Capone’s offers Bud & Bud Light draft, Al’s Original Rum Runner, Vodka & Cranberry Pineapple, Rum & Pepsi, Chardonnay, Merlot & White Zinfandel wines, and many other beverages – the attraction even offers a large drink menu for teetotalers.

Reservations are not required but are strongly encouraged (407-397-2378). The venue at Capone’s is a smaller, more intimate theater than arena-style dinner attractions and often sells out. The sooner you make your reservation, the better seats you are assigned. Upgrades are available which include VIP tickets, entrance into the Four Deuces lounge, and ‘dress-the-part’ costume accessories. If you’d like a private table (in the back), you must mention it when calling in your reservation – you can ask about group rates as well.

Special offers, specific arrival instructions, and more ‘wise head’ information are available online at

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