Celebrate National Roller Coaster Day at SeaWorld Orlando

Experience the ultimate celebration of National Roller Coaster Day at SeaWorld Orlando, proudly crowned the Coaster Capital of Orlando, boasting an impressive collection of seven exhilarating roller coasters – the most of any park. To mark this thrilling “holiday,” SeaWorld Orlando will be distributing exclusive “Coaster Capital Challenge” lanyards to the first 400 guests to accept the challenge, inviting them to conquer all seven coasters within the park. As a surprise and delight for those 400 lucky guests who accept the challenge to celebrate National Roller Coaster Day at the park, the commemorative lanyard will serve as a complimentary Quick Queue for each coaster, allowing them to bypass the lines. Guests can scream, laugh, and experience heart-pounding excitement as they ride the day away. From careening through the sky like a shark at speeds of up to 73 mph on Mako – voted the Best Roller Coaster by USA Today’s 10Best – to a never-before-felt experience of surfing the waves on Pipeline, the world’s first surf coaster, thrill-seekers are in for quite the adventure. Additionally, Pass Members will have an opportunity to participate in a behind-the-scenes tour of Mako (limited availability) as an exclusive Pass Member perk.

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Rides included in the challenge:

Journey to Atlantis
Ice Breaker
Super Grover’s Box Car Derby
Pipeline: The Surf Coaster


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