Build Your Own Star Wars Lightsaber

There’s no better way Walt Disney World can immerse guests in the world of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge than with build-it-yourself lightsabers! As always Disney is going all in on building the back story behind the experience guests will have at the new Star Wars lands, set to open Aug. 29 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The attraction will place guests on the planet of Batuu and in the Black Spire Outpost, a melting pot and meeting point for all the good guys and baddies of the universe. So you’re going to need some protection…..

Savi’s Scrapyard

Disney can’t have a red-hot new addition without cutting edge merchandise according to a recent blog post — in this case, visiting Savi’s Scrapyard. Disney are describing this stop off as a hidden workshop where lucky guests can meet the Gatherers, inhabitants dedicated to sharing their deep knowledge of the Force and the legendary ways of the Jedi.