Blizzard Beach Re-Opening Date?

We finally have some more news to share on the potential  re-opening date for Disney’s very popular Blizzard Beach water park.

Blizzard Beach Slide Drop

It appeared that over at  Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park there weren’t any scheduled opening times past October 30th, which led us to believe that over at Blizzard Beach the gates might possibly re-open on the same day. However, if you take a peek at the official  Walt Disney World calendar Typhoon Lagoon water park is now scheduled to open on Saturday November 5th . That being the case the odds are that Blizzard Beach probably won’t open for guests until Sunday November 6th at the earliest.

This is not really a big surprise as damage caused by Hurricane Ian will have added to the pre-opening workload,  and as we all know it will have to be in tip -top shape before Mickey allows guests to get back into the swim of things!