Bass Fishing at Revolution Adventures

The lake at Revolution Adventures offers something for everyone to enjoy. Orlando is rightly known as a world-class vacation destination for family-oriented entertainment encompassing theme parks, shows, shopping, conventions, and nightlife.

Revolution Adventures is a natural alternative activity that can be tailored to suit all age groups. For now, though let us talk about a favorite local pastime, fishing, namely Bass fishing at Revolution Adventures.

Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing at Revolution Adventures

The Central Florida landscape has a great many active and former mines which sought peat, phosphate, and sand. The reclaimed mines are famous for being bass heaven. The average Florida lake has a depth of 12’-15’, while the mines are 50’ or more.

This depth is the key to the development of larger stronger bass. The good news, the lake where you can take up Bass fishing at Revolution Adventures is one of those.

The Florida strain of Largemouth Bass is known for its speed, size, and fighting ability, to exhibit awe-inspiring leaps and tackle testing runs and dives. Bass are caught on all types of lures, soft plastic lures resembling worms, eels, crawfish, lizards, etc. as well as an assortment of metallics (spoon, jigs, bladed jigs, and plugs). Fly rod anglers do well on poppers and streamers. Bass fishing at Revolution Adventures has yielded 2 bass weighing in at over 14lbs.

Other Fish


Other Desirable Catches

Crappie (also known as speckled perch or specs in Florida) are plentiful. Much sought after throughout the USA for their white meat and the fact that they like to hang out in large shoals.

Fishing for Bluegill one of the larger species of sunfish is enjoyed by most fishermen. They readily take fly rod offerings and Revolution Adventures has guests who go there solely to put the long rod to work. Young anglers particularly have fun catching these fish because they will probably get more action, but youngsters are mostly thrilled with whatever they catch.

Fishing with Revolution Adventures includes boat, guide, license, all the tackle, rods, and reels you need to catch fish. But if you want to bring your own rods or try a new bait feel free to do so. The excursions include water and soft drinks on board,  but,  the best feature about its fishing experience is that you fish the entire time. You will spend the time fishing instead of running around looking for the perfect place.  That part has been done for you.

The experiences are by reservation only and Revolution Adventures welcome any inquiries and will do their best to meet any special needs.

Looking forward to our fishing adventures soon!