Astronaut ATX Experience Gets Sponsor

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has a sponsor for it’s new Astronaut Training Experience attraction – Lockheed Martin. “Lockheed Martin is the perfect partner because of its mission to enable the future by solving the great problems of modern times” commented Therrin Protze, chief operating officer of the Brevard County attraction. “The ATX Center gives participants a chance to train like an astronaut, perform real NASA science experiments, and contribute to data that will be used in the field,”

One segment of the ATX Center, which opened in February, is Mars Base 1, which lets folks simulate life on Mars as “rookie astronauts,” performing base operations, science experiments and engineering tasks.

The Astronaut Training Experience requires an add-on fee to regular admission to the attraction. The price is $175 for the full five-hour program. BUY KENNEDY TICKETS

In addition, Lockheed Martin is loaning a full-scale mock-up of an interactive deep space habitat to the complex. Lockheed is working with NASA to develop a prototype of a lunar orbiting habitat for NASA’s Gateway. Complex visitors will be able to walk through the display and see concepts of how astronauts will work in orbit around the moon. It will stay on display through the summer.