Another New SeaWorld Coaster

Peek a boo! SeaWorld just went and decided to open the proverbial blinds a bit on another brand new attraction in the works for 2020 – will it ever end?

The revitalized park has gone ahead and released just a few tantalizing snippets about a new roller coaster in the works for next year. Naturally enough SeaWorld didn’t share a name for the ride, but a video showed it likely will have an arctic setting, which may hint at its future name.

Here’s what SeaWorld revealed:

  • This will be the sixth coaster to take flight at SeaWorld Orlando.
  • It’s going to take you to predatory heights.
  • You’re going to experience plunging thrills.

The video has what appears to be a bird cry just before the camera takes a dive into water. One bird of prey that is known for its speed during a dive is the Peregrine Falcon, which can be found in most areas of the planet, including the arctic tundra.

The falcon also is known to hit more than 200 mph during its dive and is considered the fastest bird in the world, which seem like some good characteristics to base a new attraction on, especially a ride that features speed and dives.

The new attraction further supports SeaWorld’s commitment to keep adding new experiences in its parks. The company has been very up front about the fact that it wants to spend up to $150 million in new experiences, rides and shows each year across the company.

Pretty great news for all of us!