A St. Augustine Halloween

The Nation’s Oldest City is likely loaded with the most spirits, poltergeists, and spectres than any other city on the North American continent. The Halloween season is a huge embrace of the hauntings on Florida’s Historic Coast. Sure, there are theme parks in Central Florida that feature haunted house rides and exhibits. But St. Augustine has the real thing only a short drive away from those theme parks and there’s plenty of connection between our ghosts and the “Old World.” Below, discover how to enjoy a St. Augustine Halloween.

St. Augustine has nearly 500 years of history that pack endless stories of supernatural encounters reportedly experienced in our historic cemeteries, forts, brick streets, centuries-old structures, and ghoulish outposts. Believed to be one of if not the most haunted cities in America, St. Augustine embraces otherworldly encounters and provides a multitude of options to get in touch with spooky experiences. All of these do involve fees and tickets, so call in advance to reserve slots because many of these sell out early.

St. Augustine Lighthouse Dark of the Moon Tours



Routinely labeled as a structure with the most paranormal activity in America, the St. Augustine Lighthouse has night tours which begin on select dates at 8:30 p.m. The tours present the perfect setting for getting in touch with ghosts. See why St. Augustine’s iconic beacon also attracts spirits as well as visitors who can’t get enough of the spooky lore which surrounds this setting.

Old Jail After Dark



Discover the grim history of the Old Jail. Be prepared for countless hair-raising stories of supernatural occurrences that have been reported here including cold spots, strange odors, unexplained banging noises, wailing, laughter, barking dogs, and orbs of light. And, yes there’s even an apparition, or two, or three.

Ghost Tours of St. Augustine



The dim flicker of a historic lantern is the backdrop for one of the most well-heeled spiritual guides on Florida’s Historic Coast. No matter what time you book a tour there are many outfits that offer insights into the apparitions of the past. You’re guaranteed to have experienced experts who know the paranormal history of St. Augustine. The tours traverse down the narrow streets cobbled with brick, a sure connection to the European genesis of the city’s design. Any of the countless experts detail the backstories of the backbone to St. Augustine. From settlers struggling to find a foothold in the New World to the plunder of pirates, ghost tours of the city take a hallowed approach to the Halloween season. Is there a better way to experience a St. Augustine Halloween?

Ghost with The Most Cocktail Tour



IT’S SHOWTIME! Be careful when chanting his name three times, because ‘The Dead Guy’ is sure to make an appearance! So, let’s turn on the ‘juice’ and see what shakes loose, as you tour with the ‘Ghost with the Most’ offered by The Tasting Tours. Given the nature of this tour, it’s for adults 21 years old and older.

Trolley Tours



Covering ground can be more efficient sometimes through trolley tours that focus on the ghostly history of St. Augustine. They include Ghosts & Gravestones and Ripley’s Ghost Train for starters. The advantage of trolley tours is they’re easy on the feet and cover a lot of ground. There are centuries of history in St. Augustine, the trolleys get you in touch with the multitudes of ghosts at multiple locations.
For the latest information on Halloween events, visit www.floridashistoriccoast.com/events and see what will make a St. Augustine Halloween the best!