5 of the Most Haunted Places You Can Visit in Orlando North

If you are looking to have a truly haunted experience in Central Florida this Halloween season, look no further than Orlando North! Seminole County was officially founded in 1913, however, its rich history spans much farther in the past. From haunted highways to floating lights, and resident ghost cats here is a list of real haunted places you can visit in Orlando North, Seminole County year-round!



The quarter-mile stretch of I-4 going across the St. John’s River into Sanford is known as the Most Haunted Interstate in America. Legend has it, that this section of the bridge was built over the graves of 4 German immigrants who were plagued by yellow fever in 1886. Apparently, the priest in their colony died before he was able to administer the last rites and they were buried without a ceremony. To this day, witnesses have claimed to have seen the ghosts of pioneers along the interstate as well as strange static interference on phone calls. Truckers have also stated that voices have come through on their radios asking, “Who’s there?” and “Why?” What better way to enter the spooky season in Seminole County than with a hello from beyond the grave?




Some of the most famous ghost lights can be found right here in Seminole County. The Oviedo Lights are notorious in the community and have been around since the 1940s. People have claimed to see bright lights floating across and under the Snow Hill Bridge where the canoe launch to the Econlockhatchee River is. To this day, no one knows the origins of the lights. A research team from the University of Central Florida and the Florida Technical College were sent out on separate occasions to study the lights, however, they stated that there was “insufficient information on which to base a concrete scientific opinion.” Sceptics will claim the lights are just swamp gas, however, there are several legends of their origin. The most popular one is that the spirit of a Cub Scout who disappeared without a lantern returns in the form of lights to warn others to stay away.




Wop’s Hops Brewing Company was Sanford’s first microbrewery, but before that it was the Stokes Fish Market. The building was built in 1916 and operated as a fish market until the early 70s. Reports from many different mediums who have visited have stated there are 5 ghosts who still reside in the building. Jennifer, Claudia, Stephen, David, and fifth spirit who has not made their name known have all be seen wandering the brewery on many occasions. Visitors of the brewery have mentioned feeling cold spots, seeing misty apparitions, and dog owners have claimed that their four-legged friends get uneasy in the beer garden. Visit Wop’s Hops for the ghosts and stay for the beer!


Photo credit:Longwood Historic Society

The Inside-Out House has traveled across the country and still stands the test of time. Built in 1873 in Boston, the Inside-Out House was once the home to retired sea captain, Captain W. Pierce. This house is one of the first prefabricated houses in the US. It was shipped to Florida and reassembled in Altamonte Springs where it stood until 1973 when the Central Florida Society for Historical Preservation saved it from being demolished and relocated it to its current location within the Historic Longwood District. The house got its name from the exposed framing on the exterior that is bolted together in a shiplap style, very fitting for a retired sea captain. Previous residents of the home and visitors have claimed that the ghost of Captain W. Pierce and his cat, Brutus, still roam the halls. Cold spots, unknown voices, and footsteps have been reported. The Inside-Out House now operates as a gift shop, so you can stop by and look for a ghost and come home with a souvenir!


Photo credit:Tuscawilla Country Club

Not only is the Tuscawilla Country Club a beautiful spot to test your swing and enjoy the Florida scenery, but it is also reportedly haunted! There have been numerous claims that on the last Friday of every month, an apparition of a busboy can be seen cleaning the bar. No one knows where this spirit originates from, but one thing is for sure, he isn’t a very friendly ghost. On several occasions, people have reported that he is violent and will attack those who see him. If you find yourself at the country club on a Friday and you see him, no you didn’t.
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