5 Good Reasons to Visit GatorWorld

Everyone knows that visiting Orlando means two things. Theme Parks and Alligators! But with so much to do in the theme parks and the surrounding areas, what if you only have a small window of time to try to see Florida’s dinosaurs? Enter GatorWorld! This attraction offers a big glimpse of natural Florida in a relatively small timeframe, so it’s perfect for the on the go traveler. Here are 5 good reasons to go visit GatorWorld:

1. Convenience

GatorWorld is a unique drive-thru attraction, so vacationers with only limited time to spare can expect a visit to last about 1.5 hours. It all depends on how long you wish to enjoy the animals in their natural surroundings. Essentially it’s a visit that’s made-to-order.

2. Feed a Gator

Feeding gators at GatorWorld is included with admission. At the end of the tour, you can get out and see younger gators, feed them, and even hold a gator. The park is very kid-friendly and the staff is welcoming, friendly and knowledgeable about the animals. They treat them with the kindness and respect they deserve. There may be 5 good reasons to visit GatorWorld, but we know these guys are the number 1 reason to go!

3. Free Souvenir Photo

Sometimes when on vacation, it feels like the costs never end! But you want to remember everything, so you get out that wallet. At GatorWorld, you get a FREE souvenir photo of you holding a gator. That is about as “Florida” as you can get, and you get it for FREE!

4. Petting Zoo

For vacationers that want something a little more warm and fuzzy, there is a petting zoo at the end of the drive-thru tour. Take some time to get out of the car and visit the farm animals at the petting zoo and the adorable bunnies at the Bunny Barn! Remember, cuddle the bunnies, not the gators at GatorWorld!

5. Sanctuary

Alligators in the park are purchased from trappers who would otherwise euthanize them thereby giving them a second chance. GatorWorld additionally purchased some gators from an alligator farm going out of business which would otherwise have become gator ‘products’. Don Buckner, the owner of GatorWorld, quickly realized that the park could serve a dual purpose as a tourist attraction and a sanctuary for rescued alligators. So many of the dollars that go into the park, help save and maintain those toothy dinos that make Florida their home. So enjoy a Florida tradition and help keep them safe.

GatorWorld is located about 45 minutes from International Drive and a world away from the theme parks. Experience the real Florida from the safety of your car.