3 Things That Could Happen During your Gator Feeding Encounter

From storm drains to golf courses, Floridians have seen alligators in weird places. Some are on the news and, for some of them, probably in their own backyard. Alligators can be intimidating but… what if you knew you could get up close to them in a fun and safe way? Experience a gator-feeding encounter when you visit Wild Florida! On the blog, we’ll go over a few things to expect during your gator feeding encounter.

1. You’ll see alligators catch some serious air

Gator Encounter-1


During your gator feeding encounter, you’ll have two opportunities to feed some of the alligators in Wild Florida’s Gator Pond. One way via their gator feeding pole and the other via a string pulley system. Using a long wooden pole, Wild Florida will attach the gators’ favorite snack to the end of the pole, and you’ll be able to feed the gators that venture onto the sand bank. Then, after the gator handler helps you tie a piece of chicken to the pulley system, you’ll be able to string the gators’ grub out into the middle of their Gator Pond… where the fun will really begin! With more than 100 rescued native gators at Wild Florida, they’ll each try to grab a bite. Using their powerful tails, you’ll be able to see them project their bodies up and out of the water, chomping down on the piece of chicken.

2. Ask the Croc Squad anything you want

wild_florida_Gator Encounter 2


If you’ve ever wanted to know how powerful an alligator’s bite is or have any other gator-related questions you’re dying to ask, the gator feeding encounter is the perfect time to take advantage of the knowledge the Croc Squad has. You will have at least one trainer in the crow’s nest with you and your family during your gator-feeding encounter, and they will be happy to answer any of your questions. There is a lot to learn about these animals, and these gator experts are a great resource when it comes to all of the animals in their Gator Park.

3. There’s a 99.9% chance you’ll get to hear a gator hiss

wildflorida_gator hiss


While alligators don’t have vocal cords, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not able to make any sounds. As you’re feeding the alligators, you’ll notice more than one trying to go after the piece of meat you’re feeding them. As their way of showing dominance and telling other alligators to “back off” from the meat, they might let out a long, shallow hiss. Most people say it sounds like something they’ve heard from Jurassic Park but you’ll have to hear it for yourself to see if they’re right!

The theme parks and beaches are certainly must-dos when you visit Florida, but hanging out with alligators in Florida will be one of the more memorable moments from your trip. If you’re eager to experience any, or all, of the things we mentioned above, now is the perfect time to book a gator-feeding encounter at Wild Florida! Included with your encounter is admission to Wild Florida’s Gator Park. So make sure to plan on hanging out with their crew for a few hours before or after your gator feeding encounter to visit over 200 native and exotic animals that live in their Gator Park.