2019-20 Orlando Magic Schedule Offers Lots of Options

The 2019-20 Orlando Magic schedule is here! It’s a must do family night out for anyone visiting Orlando from the UK – come experience an NBA game live at the Amway Center in downtown Orlando. The Amway Center provides fans with the complete NBA experience, between excitement on the court, halftime performances, fun for the kids, bars, and restaurants, and much more! There are 44 home games between October and April, so you can find a game that fits in your schedule.


Most games are at night, which means you can enjoy the Florida sunshine throughout the day and then attend a game for some evening entertainment.

The Magic have three preseason games at home against the Boston Celtics, Philadelphia 76ers, and the Miami Heat, giving fans an opportunity to preview the Magic in action. Preseason games offer the same level of entertainment and fun for the family as the regular season.

The Magic tip-off their regular season on October 23 against the Cleveland Cavaliers. After making the playoffs last season, the fans’ enthusiasm the Magic has continued into this season. Beyond the opening night game against the Cavaliers, the Magic will also face the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, and Houston Rockets throughout their season. The holiday season is also set to be a thrilling time, as the Magic are scheduled to play the Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia 76ers, Atlanta Hawks, their in-state rival, the Miami Heat, and the Utah Jazz throughout late December and early January. In addition, this year the Magic also have games during the Easter holiday, playing the Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors on April 10 and 15.

Not only will you get to see world-class basketball as the Magic face off against other teams on the court, but you will also be entertained by STUFF, the Magic’s mascot, who is always doing flips, dancing, and making everyone in the crowd laugh. The Magic’s new hip-hop dance team, “The 407”, is sure to bring excitement during halftime and timeouts.
The Amway Center houses nine bars and restaurants, including an outdoor bar with some of the best views of the city, and Jernigan’s, a restaurant inside the Amway Center that overlooks the court. No matter when you are planning your trip, add an Orlando Magic game to your vacation for an experience that is sure to be unforgettable.

2019-20 Orlando Magic Home Schedule


October 11 @ 7:00pm vs. Boston Celtics
October 13 @ 6:00pm vs. Philadelphia 76ers
October 17 @ 7:00 vs. Miami Heat

Regular Season

October 23 @ 7:00pm vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
October 30 @ 7:00pm vs. New York Knicks
November 1 @ 7:00pm vs. Milwaukee Bucks
November 2 @ 7:00pm vs. Denver Nuggets
November 8 @ 7:00pm vs. Memphis Grizzlies
November 10 @ 6:00pm vs. Indiana Pacers
November 13 @ 7:00pm vs. Philadelphia 76ers
November 15 @ 7:00pm vs. San Antonio Spurs
November 17 @ 6:00pm vs. Washington Wizards
November 29 @ 7:00pm vs. Toronto Raptors
December 1 @ 6:00pm vs. Golden State Warriors
December 4 @ 7:00pm vs. Phoenix Suns
December 11 @ 7:00pm vs. Los Angeles Lakers
December 13 @ 7:00pm vs. Houston Rockets
December 23 @ 7:00pm vs. Chicago Bulls
December 27 @ 7:00pm vs. Philadelphia 76ers
December 30 @ 7:00pm vs. Atlanta Hawks
January 3 @ 7:00pm vs. Miami Heat
January 4 @ 7:00pm vs. Utah Jazz
January 6 @ 7:00pm vs. Brooklyn Nets
January 8 @ 7:00pm vs. Washington Wizards
January 22 @ 7:00pm vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
January 24 @ 7:00pm vs. Boston Celtics
January 26 @ 6:00pm vs. Los Angeles Clippers
February 1 @ 7:00pm vs. Miami Heat
February 8 @ 5:00pm vs. Milwaukee Bucks
February 10 @ 7:00pm vs. Atlanta Hawks
February 12 @ 7:00pm vs. Detroit Pistons
February 21 @ 7:00pm vs. Dallas Mavericks
February 28 @ 7:00pm vs. Minnesota Timberwolves
March 2 @ 7:00pm vs. Portland Trail Blazers
March 12 @ 7:00pm vs. Chicago Bulls
March 15 @ 6:00pm vs. Charlotte Hornets
March 19 @ 7:00pm vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
March 21 @ 7:00pm vs. Sacramento Kings
March 25 @ 7:00pm vs. Indiana Pacers
March 27 @ 7:00pm vs. Brooklyn Nets
March 29 @ 6:00pm vs. New Orleans Pelicans
April 1 @ 7:00pm vs. Charlotte Hornets
April 10 @ 7:00pm vs. Boston Celtics
April 15 @ 7:30pm vs. Toronto Raptors

Now that the 2019-20 Orlando Magic  schedule is here, when will you go?