12 Fun Facts from Gatorland

Gatorland “The Alligator Capital of the World”! There isn’t a better place to see alligators and crocodiles of all sizes, from babies, also known as grunts, to the 14-foot monsters that call the huge Breeding Marsh home. They even have the largest collection of extremely rare white leucistic alligators. But, Gatorland is more than just a gator park! It’s a wealth of information, and it prides itself on sharing that information with its guests. So, here are 12 fun facts from Gatorland to prep you for your visit.


12 Fun Facts (and Answers) about Gatorland

  1. What is the most dangerous part of an alligator?
    • Head or Tail? The Head… it bites
  2. What is the difference between an Alligator and a Crocodile?
    • The easiest way to tell them apart is the shape of the mouth. Alligators are u-shaped and the Crocodiles are v-shaped
  3. How many teeth do Alligators have?
    • 82 razor-sharp teeth!
  4. Did you know alligators can climb fences?
    • Yes, they can climb fences, relatively easy as well.
  5. Where can you soar over Alligators and Crocodiles and what is the attraction called?
    • On Gatorland’s Screamin’ Gator Zipline
  6. Why is the Kookaburra called A Laughing Kookaburra?
    • Because of the sounds they make. It sounds like they are laughing
  7. Gatorland is home to two awesome creatures named Ben and Jerry! What kind of animals are they and where do they come from? Hint- they are known as the largest rodents in the world.
    • Ben and Jerry are Capybara’s who come from South America.
  8. How long has Gatorland had a train ride?
    • Since 1965
  9. Where is Gatorland located?
    • In Orlando, Florida
  10. How many toes does an Alligator have?
    • 10 toes on the front feet and 8 total on the back feet. So, 18 total toes all together
  11. How big is a baby Alligator when it hatches from its egg? And how long does it take them to grow to full size?
    • Baby Gators are only 6 inches long out of the egg. It can take an Alligator anywhere from 10-20 years to grow to full size.
  12. Did you know alligators have two eyelids? Do you know why?
    • They actually have three eyelids. A top eyelid, a bottom eyelid, and an eyelid on the inside of those two called a nictitating membrane. The nictitating membrane is a built-in swimming goggle.