I-RIDE Trolley

I-RIDE Trolley

I-RIDE Trolley
I-RIDE Trolley !
By using the I-Ride Trolley you can travel all over the International Drive Resort Area. I-Ride takes the parking and driving hassles out of your vacation and lets you travel in air conditioned comfort!

When Does the I-RIDE Trolley Operate?
Daily from 8:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m.

What is the I-RIDE Trolley Service?
The I-RIDE Trolley is the exclusive, convenient and affordable transportation to hundreds of exciting destinations within the International Drive Resort Area. Visit the Official I-RIDE Trolley website at www.iridetrolley.com.

Where Does the I-RIDE Trolley Go?
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The I-RIDE Trolleys travel exclusively throughout the International Drive Resort Area.

The Main Line Trolley route services the International Drive both north and south bound. Main Line trolleys arrive approximately every 20 minutes.

The Green Line Trolley route is the counterpart to the Main Line Trolley route beginning service in the Major Boulevard business district, travels along Universal Boulevard and then shadows the Main Line Trolley Route on South International Drive. Green Line trolleys arrive approximately every 30 minutes.

Refer to the I-RIDE Trolley Route map for specific locations of Main Line and Green Line Stops.

Who Can Ride the I-RIDE Trolley?
Everyone! Each I-RIDE Trolley seats 41 riders, 54 total capacity, including two wheelchair positions and an ADA-specified hydraulic lift system, weight limitations apply.

How Much Does it Cost to Ride the I-RIDE Trolley?
Cash Fare:
* Single fare is $2.00
* Senior citizen (65 and over) fare is .25 cents
* Kids cash fare is $1 per ride (ages 3-9)
* Exact change is required
* Drivers do not carry cash

Unlimited Ride Passes:
One Day Pass: $5.00 per person
Three Day Pass: $7.00 per person
Five Day Pass: $9.00 per person
Seven Day Pass: $12.00 per person
Fourteen Day Pass: $18.00 per person

*** Passes are NOT sold on Trolleys ***

* Passes are available at over 100 locations within the International Drive Resort Area and from the I-RIDE sales office.* Trolley transfers between the Main Line and Green Line are FREE and a transfer coupon is not required if you have an Unlimited Ride Pass. With cash fare just ask your Trolley driver for a transfer coupon when you board the trolley.

* Discounts available on purchases of 100 passes or more. Advance purchase is required and discounts are only available through the I-RIDE sales office at info@iridetrolley.com.

More info at www.iridetrolley.com

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