See What’s New at Clearwater Marine Aquarium

Come be inspired and learn about the ongoing work of rescue, rehabilitation, and release at Clearwater Marine Aquarium. The marine life rescue center is home to Marine Life featured, in the Dolphin Tale movies, filmed on location in Clearwater, Florida — just 90 minutes from Orlando. Clearwater Marine Aquarium staff and volunteers work each day to rescue marine life and provide the most advanced and effective care to maximize the opportunity to return sick or injured animals to their homes.

So Long Ranch and Jalapeno Cheddar!



Recently, CMA was able to successfully release two turtles back home to the gulf! Ranch, a green sea turtle, suffered from carapace injuries and was having trouble staying submerged in the water. Jalapeno, a juvenile green sea turtle, was found thin, lethargic, and had fibropapilloma tumors. After a stint in our sea turtle rehabilitation hospital, these two turtles were ready to be released into the wild!

Introducing Noodle



CMA asked and you answered! It’s time to officially introduce one of the smallest residents, Noodle. Noodle is a Florida kingsnake that got its name by popular vote from CMA guests. You can meet Noodle in the Mangrove Key Kids Zone on your next visit to CMA!

Order Your 2023 Calendar!



The 2023 CMA calendar is o-fish-ally available! Enjoy an exclusive look at marine life and CMA’s inspiring resident animals throughout the year. Each month includes dates relating to our resident animals including arrival dates and birthdays. Support marine life 365 days a year! BUY HERE

Experience CMA’s LARGEST Rescue Mission Ever!



Rescue, rehab, and recover from extinction! Dinosaurs are being found and need help to survive! Luckily, the rescue team at CMA is ready and adapting to take care of these prehistoric creatures to provide the same care they offer all rescued animals!

Visit CMA now thru April and discover life-size dinosaurs during Dino Rescue. As you walk throughout the aquarium, encounter the dinosaurs, which move and roar, as they rehabilitate from various ailments today’s animals face – like habitat loss and entanglement. This limited-time experience will be included with general admission.

So stop in an see what’s new at Clearwater Marine Aquarium.