Revolution Adventures is Safer Than Ever

The reopening of Revolution Adventures was a blur with grass cutting, ant nest clearing, and sanitizing everything that had been stationary for the past 9 weeks. Planning which way guests should socially distance and how,  as a team, they would still manage to keep things as much fun as it always has been without dictating to everyone to “keep back! stay behind the lines”. And while many of their everyday sanitation measures were already COVID-19 friendly, now Revolution Adventures is safer than ever.

Revolution Adventures


Once they had everything looking pristine and the new signs were up they realized that they had always been socially distancing. They ask their guests to stay 20 feet apart from each other on the ATV’s and their guides make jokes about it in their safety briefings, such as  “this sun shelter, apart from protecting you from the sun serves as a tape measure.”

Equally, guests can very much stay in their own groups on the Mucky Ducks as it only seats four at a time. On top of that, they don’t mix groups together and the guide is in his or her own vehicle.

They have always had helmet liners and masks for riding. They have always sanitized and cleaned every piece of safety equipment after every use. So what are they doing differently?.



Well, there is a lot more hand washing going on and they restrict the number of people in reception to one at a time. They now sanitize and wash down the seats and handlebars between runs and, unfortunately, they are not selling food from the food truck at this time, so be sure to eat beforehand.

They still have the best off-road trails and acres of wholesome fresh air and, most importantly they hosting good old fashioned fun. For a few hours you can forget the troubles of the world and just enjoy yourself. That part has not changed, and is not likely to anytime soon. Revolution Adventures is safer than ever, but as fun and exciting as it has always been.