Experience the Arts in West Volusia

Aptly named the “Athens of Florida,” DeLand is full of art, culture, and rich history that is both entertaining and awe-inspiring. Luckily, the art scene of DeLand hasn’t taken a huge hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, many DeLandites have risen to the occasion to support local artists and galleries during this hard time. So come and experience the Arts in West Volusia.

Here are a few scenic spots you can visit around town that will help you feel alive again right in DeLand’s beautiful downtown.

Downtown’s Mural, Sculpture, and … Utility Box walks?



Watch as West Volusia’s past unfolds before you like a giant storybook as you stroll through the DeLand Historic Mural Walk. More than a dozen murals portray scenes of the region’s early settlement. It’s a creative showcase commemorating the city’s bygone days and beloved residents. As you view the murals, take the time to search for hidden elements that artists have cleverly placed in their works for you to find.

Trade the second dimension for three-dimensional sculptures when you trek along the DeLand Sculpture Walk. The Sculpture Walk enhances the aesthetic experience, cultural image, and the economic viability of Downtown DeLand.

Of course, the Utility Box Art Wrap Project must be mentioned. While utility boxes are typically eyesores in any urban center, Downtown DeLand has taken a creative approach to conceal their utilities. The culmination of many years in planning and a juried selection of artists, the Utility Box Art Wrap Project surprises visitors with their camouflaged presentation and creative nature.

The best part of all these things? It’s all outdoors and appropriately distanced. Experience the Arts in West Volusia to liven up your mind and soul.

An American Collage at The Museum of Art – DeLand




Don’t miss your chance to view the work of some of modern history’s most renowned artists from 1930 to the present starting on September 25 at The Museum of Art-DeLand. From Andy Warhol to John Mellencamp, Grace Hartigan to Romare Bearden, some of the world’s most notable names in art is featured in this outstanding selection of over 50 American collages.

Also starting in September, the museum will also be exhibiting “Poetic Visions.” Earlier this summer, poets were asked to write original pieces prompted by 34 different pieces from the Museum of Art-DeLand’s permanent collection. Those works were then curated by a panel of judges and will now be published in the 2020 Poetic Visions Anthology and displayed next to the piece in their corresponding art exhibition.

The Museum’s permanent collection also remains on display for the public.

Don’t forget about the Wings

West Volusia Wings


When venturing out to West Volusia, you’d be hard-pressed to not stop at each of the “Wings of the West.” From the mural that started it all in Downtown DeLand to the mystical fairy wings located at the Cassadaga Spiritual Camp’s Fairy Trail, to peacock feathers at Barberville Pioneer Settlement, the Wing trail not only gives you the chance to take some great selfies but also acts as a “Best of the West”, taking you to some of the biggest attractions in the area.

Be sure to tag your photos with #WingsOfTheWest!

For more information on the Wings of the West, click here. Brochures for all of these activities can be picked up at the Visitor Center located at 116 W. New York Avenue in Downtown DeLand or can be found online by clicking here and experience the arts in West Volusia.