9 Animals You Can Find on Your Wild Florida Adventure

With hundreds of different native and exotic species, it’s no wonder Wild Florida has become a Florida family staple. Whether you’re looking to ride, walk, or drive, Wild Florida has an immersive and truly WILD experience for everyone. Check out these nine different animals you can see on each expedition of your Wild Florida adventure!



RIDE – On an airboat ride, you might see a…

Airboat Ride


Roseate spoonbill – Distinguished by their rose-pink feathers and spoon-shaped bill, the roseate spoonbill is one of Florida’s colorful native birds. You will sometimes find them in shallow waters, sweeping their broadbill in a side-to-side motion, searching for invertebrates, small fish, mollusks, and other small prey.

American alligator – Found only in the southeastern portion of the United States, the most alligator-populated areas are in the marshes of Florida and coastal portions of Louisiana. Despite the average alligator measuring between 11 to 13 feet when fully grown, these creatures can be quite elusive, hiding among the marsh or underwater. Knowing when alligators are most active and reading a few wildlife spotting tips can help you to snag a picture of these beasts!

Bobcat – Named after their short tail, bobcats are medium-sized cats known for being great hunters. Hunting primarily at night, bobcats are able to take down animals ranging from mice to deer! With their short tail, you can spot a bobcat based on its white underside with dark bands on top and black ears. If you miss seeing one on your airboat ride, you can catch them up close when you stroll through our Gator and Wildlife Park!

WALK – In the Gator Park, you might see a…



North African crested porcupine – Its name is derived from the black and white quills along the back of its head that can be raised into a crest. Did you know the North African crested porcupine is the largest in the world? Its quills measure about 13 to 14 inches long and are a great defense when fending off predators. Luckily for the females, their babies aren’t born with these hard quills, about a week after birth soft quills along their spine begin to harden.

Two-toed sloth – Popular because of their adorable faces and total laziness, the two-toed sloth has become a guest favorite in our Gator Park. Found in Central and South America, the sloth is the world’s slowest mammal – they’re so slow that algae has been known to grow on their furry backs, which is a great camouflage feature as they move among the trees in their rainforest homes.

Ring-tailed lemurs – Best known for their appearance in the movie Madagascar, many people don’t realize they are only found on that island (and some tiny neighboring islands). Despite the length of their tails, ring-tailed lemurs use their hands and feet to move through the trees or on the ground, as their tails can’t grip onto tree limbs. Traveling in groups known as “troops,” ring-tailed lemurs use their powerful scent glands as a communication tool, a weapon, and a way to keep their groups together.

DRIVE – On the Drive-Thru Safari, you might see a…

Drive-Thru Safari


Water buffalo – Did you know that water buffaloes are herbivores and feed mainly on grass, herbs, and other vegetation throughout waterways? Since they spend the majority of their time submerged in water, aquatic plants make up most of their diet. As a result, their presence in a habitat solely depends on freshwater availability.

Zebra – Each zebra has a unique black and white striped coat that makes them easy to spot as you drive through our animal park. In addition to the dazzling effect their beautiful stripes create, they also provide a very practical service to the animal. Air moves at different speeds over light-absorbing black stripes and light-reflecting white stripes, so the zebra actually creates its own cooling air currents simply by having stripes.

Reticulated giraffe – Have you heard that the name giraffe derives from the Arabic word “zarafah?” This translates to “one who walks swiftly.” While many people know giraffes as the tallest land mammal on earth, they also have the largest heart. After your drive through our Safari Park, get out and continue your journey up to our giraffe feeding platform and enjoy hand-feeding these gentle giants.

From the smallest of amphibians to the largest mammals, these are just a few of the hundreds of different species you can see on your Wild Florida adventure! Come find these animals and so much more on your next expedition.

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