5 Reasons to Plan Your Next Team-Building Event at Altitude Kissimmee

Team building events help employees come together and form strong bonds. These outings allow employees to break out of the office and socialize, forming natural connections that can help them work better together in the future. While there are many places in Kissimmee and Orlando to take your employees for a corporate event, one of the top destinations is the Altitude Kissimmee Trampoline Park.

A trampoline park is a great place to get employees moving and jog creativity. Here are a few reasons why Altitude Kissimmee should top your list of team-building destinations.

teambuilding at Altitude Trampoline

1. Coworkers Can Have Fun Together

Even the healthiest work environments can be stressful at times. Teams rely on professional communication and personal connections to work through any stressors to resolve conflicts before they become serious.

If you are about to enter one of the busiest seasons of the year (or if you just wrapped up your largest quarter) bring your team out to the trampoline park. Your employees can leave their stress at the office and can jump around with their coworkers. They can form teams and learn to work together. They can laugh and joke and play together.

The connections your employees form during this team-building day can help them face any upcoming challenges in the months ahead.

2. Teams Learn to Communicate and Plan

There are plenty of ways for adults to have fun at Altitude Kissimmee trampoline park. Your employees can compete in dodgeball against each other or cheer each other on with a basketball competition. Your staff can even battle it out on the balance beam to see who can avoid the foam pit the longest.

During these games, your staff members will learn to communicate. They can form strategies to overcome the ropes course or determine the best way to win at dodgeball. By planning fun games in a low-pressure setting, your staff can grow their problem-solving skills that will help them back at the office.

3. Play Spurs Creativity

It is incredibly hard to force creativity. When the brain is under stress, it’s difficult to find new opportunities and ideas. This is why experts recommend going for a walk or taking a break when you aren’t feeling creative. A day at the trampoline park is just what your team members need to break out of creative ruts and solve important problems.

Let your employees spend an afternoon flying through the air, pulling dramatic stunts, and challenging themselves to face various obstacles. When everyone returns to work, they will feel refreshed and can approach tough problems with fresh ideas all because of this great team-building experience.

4. Movement Increases Energy

A moving body is a healthy body. Even taking a short evening walk can increase your health and energy over time. If you want to prioritize the mental and physical health of your employees, consider bringing them to Altitude Kissimmee. You can use the day out to introduce a new health initiative or show your team members the importance of moving and physical activity.

5. Celebrate Your Staff

Your employees work hard for you throughout the year, so don’t they deserve a reward? Team celebrations don’t have to happen at the end of the year. Instead, you can set up multiple celebrations for each quarter or after your employees hit a significant milestone.

Did your sales team hit their goals for the quarter? Jump up and celebrate! Did your development team complete a major project ahead of schedule? It’s time to let loose.

Spending a day at the trampoline park can help your staff reflect on the good work they did while preparing to start the next project, quarter, or year.

Work With Altitude Kissimmee to Plan a Corporate Event

The next time you want to put together a day out for your team, contact the team at Altitude Kissimmee. They can help you choose a day that works for your company and put together a package for your event. Your team can even eat lunch at the trampoline park and have space for group discussions or presentations.

Break out of the normal corporate outings and team-building experiences and jump into something fun. Book your next corporate event at Altitude Kissimmee and watch your coworkers tap into the power of play.